You've built your assessment and now ready to go. 

You log into the NextPlay mobile app or go to to log into your assessment using your email address and the assessment code provided.

But when you get in the app and head to the stations, you don't see any athletes - only this:

So what's the deal?

There a few reasons why you might be encountering the dreaded "No data to display"

  • You haven't checked in any athletes. Whether you run a check-in or registration at your assessment or tryout, youmust check-in their athletes in the NextPlay app for them to appear at skill stations.
  • You've already recorded scores for checked-in athletes. In the skill station view, there are three tabs at the top - Not Recorded, Recorded and All. If you are in the Not Recorded tab but no athletes appear, tap the Recorded or All tab to see if they are there. If not..
  • There's likely a more serious issue. There may have been some error when you activated your assessment. Contact the NextPlay support desk to submit a ticket and we'll correct the issue as soon as possible.