On the field, speed is everything. 

The same holds true during assessments and tryouts. The key to keeping the process moving is ensuring that your evaluators can find the athlete quickly and get ready to record results as fast as possible.

But when you have a tryout of hundreds of athletes, how can you help you evaluators quickly find their next athlete using NextPlay? Too easy.

2016-03-27 18.12.59.png

While your evaluator is in the Station screen, they will see a full list of those athletes checked-in, sortedby player number or last name. The fastest way to find the athlete is to use the search bar at the top of the list. As they type, the list will filter down to find the exact athlete.

Some important tips:

  • Once your evaluator selects the athlete and goes to record their results, they will return to the athlete list screen. They will have to hit the black X in the search bar to clear that search and filter to see all the available athletes.
  • If you have a lot of players that are moving through the assessment events in groups (such as players 20-30), you can use the search bar to help filter the list. By keeping a 2 in the search bar, it will limit the visible athletes to those in 20's or 200's.

Have another tip on how to make NextPlay faster for coaches and evaluators? Let us know by contacting us at support@nextplaysports.net or head to the forum to share techniques and examples.